I am Lerato Sehlake the content curator of The LOVELEELERA Blog.

My first name ‘Lerato’ is a Sotho unisex name that means love. My friends call me ‘Lee or Lera’ which is short for Lerato, all of that together is how I came up with the name LOVELEELERA. If you say Love Lee Lera fast enough, it sounds like “Lovely-Lera”

The LOVELEELERA Blog was born when I decided that I wanted to share and write about my personal experiences as well as my love for adventure, beauty, fashion and food. Basically, I am a liker of things and I want to share those things with you.

I took to expressing my passions through creating appealing photography and videos which I share on The LOVELEELERA Blog website as well as The LOVELEELERA Blog YouTube channel.

I started the blog in October 2017 and I’ve been posting beauty, fashion, food, health & fitness and travel lifestyle content.

My main goal is to inspire and empower anyone who encounters my content to make the most out of life and try something new. I hope to continue creating engaging content, sharing and growing with you.

I hope to encourage you to live a lovely life.