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Hello, and welcome to The LOVELEELERA Blog. I am Lerato a lifestyle blogger her I invite you into my thoughts, ideas and discoveries. 

Do enjoy my the little of my world I share. 

Here is a video on my Youtube channel to introduce myself. 

Matcha Latte Blog Post by The LOVELEELERA Blog

Matcha Is Not Worth It (One Easy Disgusting Reason)

So, I happen to follow a lot of bloggers as a blogger myself and I noticed that there is a slight hype with this green powdered drink. As we have

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How to Make The Best Scrambled Eggs The LOVELEELERA Blog

How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs

What is breakfast without eggs? My favourite kind is a breakfast with scrambled eggs. For those who want to learn how to make perfect, fluffy

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel for The LOVELEELERA Blog

Finally Launching My New YouTube Channel

It is no longer a secret. I have some exciting news for you: I am finally launching my YouTube Channel! So, I have finally decided to put up some

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Just To Quote Myself

” I was making my dad a cup of tea the other day and he says to me “where are the cookies?” This meant “why haven’t you baked yet?” So I went into the kitchen, looked around and there they were…” – Delicious Spicy Banana Bread Muffins

” The return of animal print in 2019. Everywhere I look, all I see is the animal…” – Queen of the Jungle