Travel Bag Rules [Mini-Bus Taxi Travel Edition]

LoveLeeLera/ May 12, 2019/ Travel/ 0 comments

In Part 01 of my Packing Smart Series I promised you a travelling by minibus taxi edition. I keep my promises and right on schedule here is my 5 Easy Travel Bag Rules for that Taxi Ride to your destination. 10 Things to Remember about Minibus Taxi Travel This is public transport There is no set drop off point Departure

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Perfect Travel Bag [Air Travel Edition]

LoveLeeLera/ April 14, 2019/ Travel/ 2 comments

We spend most of our lives travelling, yes you are reading me correctly. You might not agree with me but we travel to work or school Monday through to Friday (sometimes Sunday), travel home, to weddings; funerals; parties etc. Our most favourite, we travel to holiday destinations. Why not make some part of it easy by having the perfect travel

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