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It is no longer a secret. I have some exciting news for you: I am finally launching my YouTube Channel! So, I have finally decided to put up some content on the long-created YouTube channel of The LOVELEELERA Blog.

Welcome to my YouTube Channel for The LOVELEELERA Blog

The LOVELEELERA Blog Is Now On YouTube

Firstly, I need you to go subscribe and click the bell notification. Secondly, get your friend, friend’s friend, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts also your parents to do the same.

Subscribe to The LOVELEELERA Blog YouTube Channel

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The LOVELEELERA Blog is Finally Launching a YouTube Channel

First of all, if you have been here for a while, you will know that the blog started in October 2017. So initially, I wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I was afraid of being on camera. That is my honest, truth. I was just afraid.

I created the channel in May of 2017. But self-doubt and fear had me deleting everything I recorded because it didn’t fit this “perfect” standard I had created. However, the exciting news is that I have gotten over my fear and I am now also available on YouTube. Even if it is not as “perfect”, I am ready to learn as I go. Please join me.

Here is my Welcome to my YouTube Channel video.

The very first work I have produced SOLO.  

What to Expect From The YouTube Channel

So what can you expect from the channel? Well you could expect something similar what you are expecting from the blog. Above all, is that there is a difference between seeing and reading. Here there will be less left to the imagination and you can actually see what I am talking about. So, the YouTube channel is simply an extension to the blog. Similarly with my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The LOVELEELERA Blog YouTube Channel

Let us be honest, some messages come across way better in video than in a blog post. The opposite is also true. I want to share some vlogs, some tutorials, and so much more on the YouTube channel. As you may already know I cover topics in Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion & Style, Health & Fitness, Food & Drinks and Travel. I will be just as random as I have been on the blog while staying true and authentic to myself.

Thank You For Your Continued Support.

Lastly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support through and through. Do not worry I am still going to bring you blog posts as per our usual scheduling. Same place and same time. The YouTube channel is an addition to the blog.

Thank You. Much love.  


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