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How to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Here are some tips on how to stay committed to your goals and hopefully get everything that you want for yourself.

How to Stay Committed to Your Goals Blog

So, you have set your goals or resolutions, and you are trying your best to achieve them. Then life just seems to keep getting in the way, doesn’t it? Life is demanding.  Whether it’s the people in your life, things or situations, wavering on your commitments has become the norm rather than the exception.

So How Can You Stay Committed to Your Goals?

One of the difficult tasks we often face in life is remaining persistent in the pursuit of our goals. The capacity to manage our finances, health, relationships, career and a host of other things makes it difficult at the best of times. It’s no wonder we often neglect those things which are important to us.

The purpose of this post is to help you figure out sustainable ways to stay focused on your goals, so that you can stick with them through the good, the bad, and all of those in between times.

1. Plan to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Before you can stay committed to your goals, you need to set goals. Setting goals that are as specific as possible is one of the most vital ingredients in making your dreams a reality. You must set goals.

Be explicit in your goals, give yourself a timeline with benchmarks to hit. Have your mega-goal, then break it up into smaller milestones calling them micro-goals towards the mega-goal.

Draw up a plan that will help you stay committed to your goals.

Example: This is just for example.

  • The Mega-Goal = Save 10,000 ZAR for new couch by the end of the year.
  • The Micro-Goals = Save 500 ZAR in Jan and Save 1,000 ZAR each month after that.

(I know you did the math, 1,000 ZAR * 11 months = 11,000 ZAR, then + 500 ZAR = 11,500 ZAR that is above the Mega-Goal. Yes!) The idea is to plan for above the Mega Goal, so that if any month doesn’t go as planned you can catch up. With a reality of saving 500 ZAR two months of the year and 1,000 ZAR the rest of the months.

2. Document Your Goals

I’ve learned the most meaningful step I can take to achieving my goals is to write them down. I speak more about this on my Making 2020 The Best Year Yet by Manifestation Journal blog post. Document your goals, you can write them in your journal, put them on your vision board, write them on the mirror. Whatever works for you will do. Most importantly, keep record of how far you have come.

Example: once again this is just an example

example of goals

3. Revisit Your Goals Frequently

You need to revisit your goals frequently. It might not actually be daily, but it should be something that you make a regular habit of. Simply consider your goals and evaluate your progress toward them. Are there things you are doing correct or wrong for your goal? Evaluate them and adjust your modes of working accordingly.

Also, if you are reaching your goals too quickly, try aiming higher! This is a definite way to stay motivated.

4. Stay Inspired, Motivated and Accountable

Sometimes your motivation will need a little push in the right direction. Seeking out external inspiration can be a great way to stay on track with your goals.

One great way to stay inspired is to look at people who are doing what you want to achieve. Consequently, please, please, please, do not get consumed by doing this and use it negatively towards yourself. Avoid comparison.  

Put up quotes that push you to do better, get an accountability partner, have a mantra and keep visualising the end goal. Do what you need to keep you inspired and motivated to stay committed to your goals.

Here are some examples, Do SAVE & SHARE

5. Stay the Course

To stay committed to your goals, you need to work hard on nurturing them. It will require effort and maintenance, but it’s worthwhile. After all, your goals are what keep you motivated and “hungry”, so it’s important to constantly remember and nurture them in a variety of ways. Inform and educate yourself on how to best do A, B, C.

Create a routine that will keep you on the goal. For example, if you want to do well academically you can set time apart daily to study and do your assignments. Also include a reward in that, for every chapter I complete I get to watch an episode of blah-blah-blah. Or, if your goal is to lose weight, create a workout schedule and stick to it.

example of a daily routine timeline
example of a daily routine

6. Reward Yourself and be Kind to Yourself

Rewards are also motivation, set rewards for yourself when your reach or accomplish the micro-goals. Focussing on smaller victories along the way gives you the self-confidence you need to forge ahead. It is self-empowering and testament you’re on the right path. You might stumble upon setbacks along the way during the pursuit of smaller goals.

Lastly, BE KIND TO YOURSELF, do not crucify yourself if a goal is not reached in the time frame that you hoped for, do not burn yourself out trying to do the most. So basically, what I am saying is that to stay committed to your goals, you must commit to taking care of yourself. Take the needed rest and be lenient on the self-criticism.

 Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

Give this some practice and see what you learn about yourself and your goals.

Feel free to share your goals and/or your thoughts in the comments below.

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