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So, I happen to follow a lot of bloggers as a blogger myself and I noticed that there is a slight hype with this green powdered drink. As we have already established, I am a liker of things. I asked my younger sister this one time if she wanted to taste it ( she said yes). Now, it is because every other blogger and youtuber we watch makes or has some form of matcha in their content.

Cup of Creamy Matcha Latte Blog Post by The LOVELEELERA Blog

Firstly, what is Matcha?

Matcha is simply green tea, but not as you know it. Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It is traditionally consumed in the East Asian countries.

Matcha Powder and Matcha Drink from Matcha Latte Blog Post by The LOVELEELERA Blog

What is the hype about?

Matcha beverages are popular in cafés and restaurants since many consumers are making health conscious decisions regarding their food and drinks.

Since it contains many antioxidant properties, it’s the perfect way to make any recipe healthier! Because this green powder is made from the same plant as green tea, but since it’s made from the entire leaf, it packs in a more concentrated number of antioxidants. Which is supposed to have multiple health benefits.

The variety is in that you can drink it hot with water or milk, you can also eat matcha, blend it in smoothies and frozen yoghurts, and even make cakes. Simply put, there are endless ways to include this green powder into your diet. Also, it can be used in many topical beauty treatments and it is suitable for face masks.

Lastly, they hype comes with the aesthetics of this drink. Nothing says I am a blogger; I am health conscious and on trend than a green drink in hand.

Ways Matcha Tea Can Improve Your Health

  • High in antioxidants
  • It gives you a “clean” caffeine hit
  • May help with preventing cancers
  • Helps to protect the liver
  • Promotes heart health
  • It also boosts the metabolism
  • Increases energy levels and endurance
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Boosts brain function
  • Banishes bad breath

For more detailed explanation of these benefits visit this article Written by Rachael Link, MS, RD on February 24, 2020 — Medically reviewed by Atli Arnarson BSc, PhD linked below.

Or, this article from Cosmopolitan written by Bridget March Jan 22, 2016

Before we get carried away with all the benefits, it is not all so glamourous, it can also be bad for you. So, be cautioned.

Why Can Matcha possibly be bad for you?

Although matcha is generally considered safe when consumed in small amounts especially as a beverage, it’s important not to go overboard. Keyword being small amounts. Due to the caffeine content, green tea may trigger certain side effects such as headache, insomnia, irritability, diarrhea, and heartburn if and only when consumed in excess. So, everything in moderation.

So, I tried it.

Yes, yes, yes… I like things so I am trying matcha for all the wrong reasons being the hype and for the curiosity. Now, was it worth it? Watch this video to find out.

Here is a video of our first experience with matcha.

Learn how to make matcha green tea at home! Note that matcha brands vary in bitterness. If you’re new to making matcha like myself, or if your tea tastes a bit too bitter try adding a few drops of syrup or honey to sweeten it to your liking.

What Did Matcha Taste Like?

Well, I expected it to taste creamy, milky, delicious, like coffee with sweetener and cream. But, to my surprise. It tasted something like baby food, a little breakfast cereal the porridge kind. I might have tasted the wrong brand or the worst version but it was nothing to write home about. Another thing to note, the cooler it got the more it tasted like vanilla ice cream.

If I am being completely honest it wasn’t as bad as I am making it sound. It is just not my kind of drink, I would rather have a cup of cappuccino or regular coffee than have matcha. I am going to try it again to make sure that my review is accurate.

How to Make Matcha


  • ¼ teaspoon matcha tea powder
  • 60ml hot water, 80°C is ideal (Boil and let cool down)
  • 180ml additional hot water or steamed milk of choice, [almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, dairy milk, etc.]
  • Syrup, honey, or any other sweetener, optional
Cup of Creamy Matcha Drink from Matcha Latte Blog Post by The LOVELEELERA Blog


  • Sift the matcha into a mug or small bowl to get rid of any lumps.
  • Pour in the 60ml of the hot water. Use a matcha whisk or small regular whisk. Whisking briskly in a side to side motion until the matcha is fully dispersed and there is a foamy layer created on top.
  • Add the remaining 180ml hot water or steamed milk and whisk again until foamy. Sweeten to taste, if desired.

Did you make the recipe? I would love to see it! Tag @loveleelera on Instagram.

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