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I Said Hello to the New Mr Price Scarlet Hill Beauty Range | First Impressions Review & Swatches

Scarlet Hill Beauty Blog Featured

Scarlet Hill Beauty, The Newest Addition to the MR PRICE Family.

Mr Price recently launched a beauty range called Scarlet Hill, and this is my First Impression Review and Swatches of the new Mr Price (MRP) Beauty range. 

Scarlet Hill Beauty Range for Review

I Said Hello to Scarlet Hill Beauty

Mr. Price, also known as MRP is a retail company based in South Africa well known for its focus on value. MRP stores are available across 14 countries, primarily in Africa, retailing in clothing, as well as home ware (MRP Home) and sportswear (MRP Sport).

MRP launched its first-ever beauty brand in the form of Scarlet Hill Beauty on December 3rd, 2019. Featuring a wide range of face and body products “for loads less” most products costing less than R100.

You could be just getting started or totally obsessed with beauty, MRP claims to have you covered with their new collection of affordable beauty must-haves. 

Upon hearing the news about the launch, I firstly jumped to the MRP online store to shopped around. Some of the products I was excited to try included the Scarlet Hill BB Cream a lightweight, medium coverage cream with a natural look finish retailing from R69,99, the Bath bombs retailing from R29.99, and the limited-edition Tropical Heat eye-shadow palette with 9 easy-to-blend with neon, shimmer and cool tones for R79.99. On the skincare front, Scarlet Hill has plenty to offer to keep your natural glow this summer. I am excited to try the range of sheet masks for the face retailing from R39,99.

To my surprise some of the items had sold out already in a day or two after the launch, which indicated that people are responding well to the new range. Alternatively, I also went in store to purchase the items I could not find on the MRP Online Store.  

Scarlet Hill Beauty Range for Review

The Review: Scarlet Hill Beauty Range

This was the most fun I’ve had with trying out products. My focus was on the things I knew I would use or fit in well with my makeup kit. I did not get every single thing available (trust me I almost did that). However, I did get at least one product from the different beauty categories. What I loved the most was the packaging of the range as a whole, it looks high-end and glamorous. 

What I Loved

I am just going to jump into the products I really loved. The makeup bag, I got to use it for the past month and yes I am loving it, I went back for the other colours that is how much I am enjoying it.

I also appreciate their lip range the lip balm is the best the scent and texture is pleasant. Do try it. 

The hair towel wrap was another great purchase. It is soft and secures nicely with no hustles.

The dream blush palette with the contour and glow palette is also the! The highlighter is the winner for me. It definitely does the most.

What I Didn’t Love

Well, as the gallery indicates that I tried a number of products from this ne beauty range.

The eyeshadow palette that I got was a total miss for me. The pigment did not pop in the neutral shades.

Now, the liquid lipsticks. So these had a funny texture, and they are slightly sticky. They have a pleasant scent though.

Lastly the rest of the products I tried were nothing to write home about. I neither loved nor hated them they were just worth the try. And all I can say is meh!

Gallery of Products and Swatches

The products I got and trying out are in the gallery bellow. 

Leave me a comment below, let me know which product you will be trying or have tried and enjoyed?

Thank you!

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  1. Great review, will definitely be trying the lip balm. Even more eexcited for the MRP beauty range.

  2. Enjoyed this review and will definitely try out the lip balm and hair towel. Please also do a makeup look with the makeup products you did purchase.

    1. Thank you, I will do that for you.

  3. I value the article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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