10 Things to Do at Home During A Lockdown

LoveLeeLera/ March 29, 2020/ Lifestyle/ 96 comments

We find ourselves in time where we must make lemonade out of lemons. Here are a few things to do at home during a lockdown. The country is on a lockdown and people may only leave their house when it’s absolutely essential, due to the coronavirus outbreak aka COVID-19. Things to Do at Home During A Lockdown Naturally that means

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The Perfect Gift Guide For Any Occasion

LoveLeeLera/ February 9, 2020/ Lifestyle/ 2 comments

I’ve always struggled to come up with the perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Birthday for my family, friends and boyfriend. Certainly, I struggled the most with the men in my life (Father, Brothers, Boyfriend), buying gifts for men is notoriously difficult. However, I have discovered the perfect gift guide for any occasion that the recipient will appreciate. As

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What’s for Breakfast Today?

LoveLeeLera/ April 7, 2019/ Food & Drinks/ 2 comments

To know me is to know I l♥ve f♥♥d. When it comes to meals of the day, BREAKFAST is my most favorite, favorite-er and favourite-est. what you have for breakfast sets the tone for the day. – Lerato Sehlake Some days I go big, some days I go with quick & easy. Here are my top 4  go to daily

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