14 Winter Hair Care Tips for Your Natural Hair

LoveLeeLera/ May 17, 2020/ Beauty/ 6 comments

14 Winter Hair Care Tips for Your Natural Hair Winter is upon us and this weather can be damaging and drying for curly and natural hair. Follow these helpful 14 Winter Hair Care Tips for Your Natural Hair to keep your hair well moisturized, protected, and healthy when the weather outside is unpleasant. When the temperatures drop the cold draws

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6 Ways to Revive Your Natural Hair with Food

LoveLeeLera/ May 10, 2020/ Beauty/ 7 comments

Here are 6 Ways to Revive Your Natural Hair with Food. Yes, you read it correctly, “with Food”. Each hair strand on our body requires a regular supply of nutrients. So, if you want to increase the strength, health, and length of your hair, it’s time to start eating healthy. I believe that healthy hair isn’t just about the products

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LOC vs LCO Method for Your Natural Hair

LoveLeeLera/ May 3, 2020/ Beauty/ 3 comments

Should you use the LOC vs LCO Method for your natural hair. So, you must be wondering which is better for your natural hair? In this post I will help you understand the difference between the LOC vs LCO Method and help you decide which is better for you between these two approaches. What is the LOC vs LCO Method?

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Wash Day Routine in 5 Easy Steps

LoveLeeLera/ April 26, 2020/ Beauty/ 0 comments

In the spirit of keeping things simple here is an easy 5 step wash day routine. So, I have been a natural for a few years now, since my “Big Chop” in 2017. I must say the process has been an interesting learning curve. Just to clarify, a huge learning curve for one. I have had to learn about my

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How to Determine Your Hair Type

LoveLeeLera/ April 19, 2020/ Beauty/ 3 comments

There are many factors that determine your hair type. These include hair density, diameter, porosity, curl pattern as well as elasticity. In this post, I will be bringing light on the different hair types, and how you can identify yours. I think it is important to determine your hair type so you know and understand for instances where you are

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How to Effortlessly Grow Healthy Natural Hair

LoveLeeLera/ April 12, 2020/ Beauty/ 32 comments

So, you want to know how to grow healthy natural hair. You are probably wondering why your natural hair is not thriving or you are being proactive by learning how to grow healthy natural hair before you transition. Firstly, you must have defined what flourishing means to you. Does flourishing hair mean length, volume, texture, lustre, everything? What are your

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The Big Chop to the Rescue

LoveLeeLera/ October 10, 2017/ Beauty/ 32 comments

I did it… The Big Chop. I have been growing my hair for more than 15 years, I transitioned from relaxed to afro to relaxed again a number of times over the years. The past 5 years I had been rocking my relaxed hair, it had been loyal to me till recently. My hair had been breaking rapidly, it was

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