How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs

LoveLeeLera/ October 11, 2020/ Food & Drinks/ 13 comments

What is breakfast without eggs? My favourite kind is a breakfast with scrambled eggs. For those who want to learn how to make perfect, fluffy scrambled eggs, I have got you covered. Here is how to make delicious, yellow fluffy eggs every time! How to Make Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Okay, Okay, I know, scrambled eggs are considered an easy

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How to Make Perfect Stove Top Popcorn

LoveLeeLera/ September 27, 2020/ Food & Drinks/ 38 comments

This has to be my all-time favourite snack. Any day can be movie night just so I can have some popcorn. Actually, there was a time back in my high school days where it was all I wanted to eat. Even more so when the movie theatre seasoning was made available in-store. How to Make Perfect Stove Top Popcorn Certainly,

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Ultimate Green Juice Guide!

LoveLeeLera/ January 19, 2020/ Food & Drinks, Health & Fitness/ 9 comments

Guide to Making the Ultimate Health is Wealth Juice In the spirit of new year resolutions and the year of fetch your body, I have created an easy-to-follow guide to the ultimate green juice. To add value to your #HealthIsWealth #CleanEating #BodyGoals I am sharing my guide with you. Disclaimer: I am in no way a nutritionist nor a dietitian,

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Delicious Spicy Banana Bread Muffins

LoveLeeLera/ May 5, 2019/ Food & Drinks/ 46 comments

I know I just said banana bread and muffins as though it could be one thing. Well in my world anything is possible. What I am sharing here is a banana bread recipe that I baked in a muffin pan. It is not just a banana bread recipe, it is my “Special” Secret Spices Recipe. I was making my dad

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